Advantages & Disadvantages of Assignments for Students

According to an article published by the U.S. News, a teacher assigns more homework than the students can handle in one night. While homework is super essential for the holistic development of a child, it comes with various drawbacks. Therefore, in this article, we shall talk about the pros and cons of assigning homework. 

Pros of Assigning Homework

Written below are all the reasons why homework should not be banned from schools.

Minimizes Screen Time

Without any task or homework, students spend around eight hours using their mobile phones. It is more than the recommended average time of three hours. It further results in laziness and also harms the eyesight. Homework inculcates better long-term habits.

Improves Time Management Skills

Every profession requires time management skills. With these skills, students finish the task in a given slot of time. When a student doesn’t know how to manage time, it becomes impossible to efficiently utilize each hour.

Improves Critical Thinking in Students

Working on different assignments after school helps in improving the critical thinking skills of the students. Besides, it also improves the memory of the individual.

Develops a Sense of Independence

Most of the time, students want to attain more freedom and independence. When they are assigned homework, they tend to work off their own bat and explore their strengths and weaknesses. Thus, homework instills a sense of independence and helps a child grow.

Sparks Enthusiasm

In addition to this, homework sparks enthusiasm if the topics are interesting and relevant. It further motivates the students and encourages them to learn something new. Besides, when encountering new topics, students tend to take help from their parents or peers, sparking new connections.

Cons of Assigning Homework

Students all over the world feel pressured when they have a lot of work to do. They believe that the extra work is unfair and doesn’t help in their personal growth. Apart from that, it is also said that homework should only take thirty-forty minutes of their time after school. Here are all the cons of assigning homework.

No Free Time at Home

After spending 7-8 hours in school, extra work at home takes around two hours on average. Thus, homework feels more like a punishment than learning something new. Children can utilize the same playing a sport that they love or indulge in other favorite hobbies. It helps the child feel more in control of his life besides helping him find his purpose on this planet, which homework alone won’t help.

Bad Grades

Homework and assignments do not help in grades but put more pressure on exams or tests. To complete the homework, the students miss out on revisions and perform badly in tests or exams. They usually don’t know about the possibilities online services give them. Don’t miss your chance to get assistance with online classes, homework assignments and exams at Their team consists of just the best experts who are ready to help you 24/7.

Adverse Effect on Mental Health

Extra work after school harms a child’s brain and overall mental health. Most of the time, teachers fail to realize this and keep piling students with extra work.

Challenging Tasks

Some students find it difficult to balance their personal and professional lives when required to submit assignments after school is over. They are quite tired by the end of the day and have zero energy. Moreover, they cannot even take a break to relax for a while.

Lack of Support

Sometimes it is difficult for students to work on their own. It can be due to the lack of resources of support from their parents or guardian. Therefore, the lack of resources demotivates the child, and he may not even turn in the assignment.

Irrelevant Tasks

Homework that has nothing important to do with the topic of a subject only wastes the students’ time. Besides, after assigning irrelevant topics, the teachers should not expect excellent work since students have no clue what the topic is about.

Final Verdict

Since there are several advantages and disadvantages of homework, it is quite difficult to decide if they should be assigned or not. Even if teachers assign tasks to the students, they should be given enough time to complete it.

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